HTML5 Web Editor with Unmatched Capabilities


Reuse of MS Word/Excel, ODT documents


Documents can be directly imported and edited without installing any applications or plug-ins, improving productivity at work

Reuse of Images and PDF files

Import for Images

Texts and tables within image files can be directly imported for insertion and editing thanks to the powerful integration with OCR

Powerful Integration with GenAI 

Auto-generation of Web Contents 

Support for GenAI integration of your choice delivers the most efficient document authoring and editing experience

Editor with Office Capabilities

Insert & Edit Excel Formulas and Shapes

Providing over 290 Excel formulas and more than 160 shapes, use and edit intuitively at your discretion –  just like in Office applications

Key Features

Powerful table editing

Powerful table editing

Convenient editing as in MS Word
Excel functions input UI
Adopts the latest table UI
Provides table styles
Specifies cell display format
Convenient Document Editing

Convenient Document Editing

Partial editing restrictions
Imports selected area
Inserts & Edits Shapes
Powerful bullet editing
Layer editing
Improved User Convenience

Improved User Convenience

Auto save feature
Provides document templates
Provides emojis, special symbols
Dark theme, color icons
Provides graduated ruler
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Blocks XSS attacks
Detects personal information in the document body
Restrictions on the use of iframes and scripts
Web standard compliance

Web standard compliance

No Plug-in, Non-ActiveX
Web accessibility check
Supports various environments

Supports various environments

Cross browsing
Mobile support
Supports various OS environments
Supports inline editors


Pubic Institutions

Internal work system and civil services of public institutions, public offices, or local governments


Groupware, electronic approval system, Intranet, KMS, product registration, and so forth


Cafe, blog, e-mail, community bulletin board, CMS, and many more

Leading customers with Synap Editor

Enterprise Sector

Public Sector

The Most Innovative HTML5 Web Editor Yet

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