Powerful Document Recognition and OCR integrated with Deep Learning Technology 

Synap OCR Pro is an AI(artificial intelligence) software that recognizes text (OCR) data from various image and pdf file. It can be utilized to extract data from various document forms and de-identify sensitive data and guarantees highest text recognition accuracy and strong performance leveraging Deep Learning Technology.

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*Allow to upload 500MB or less.
*Uploaded images can be used to improve the quality of Synap OCR Pro.

Image to Text

Scanned File

Photo by Camera

Image Files

Attached files in email

Image Data from Fax



Highest Level of Accuracy for Korean Characters

Providing higher recognition accuracy of 99.3% compared to third party solutions with accumulative high-quality training data through years of digital document processing expertise

Easy-to-use Form Template Tools

Usability is enhanced by providing template-based form recognition, classification and results in Key Value Pair (KVP) format. A provided template guide and examples make it easy for anyone to use


Deep Learning Form Template with Document Understanding

Easily extract, learn, and operate data insights from unstructured forms with Key Value Trainer, a GUI-based learning/operation tool

Flexibility and Scalability

SDK (C ++, Java) and REST API provide flexibly expanded and applicable to other systems.




Extracting Key Values from Unstructured Forms

Provides GUI-based learning and operation tools for learning, inspecting, distributing, and operating unstructured format images

Detecting Table and Extract Data

Detecting table and provide table information. Table information includes table position, row/column size and merge information, cell size, and text in each cell.

Detection / Recognition of Checkbox

Recognize checkboxes contained in various document forms, such as consent forms and applications.

Recognize Large Size Image

Provides high accuracy for large size images without any extra task like a split-and-merge. (ex, product image in online shop)

Conversion and Merge to PDF

Searchable PDF files can be useful for digital document archiving. And number of images and PDF files can be merged into a single readable PDF.

De-identification of Sensitive Data

Provides de-identification of various formats such as resident registration number and passport number through regular expression.




Forms can be classified in fields such as finance, manufacturing, public, and IT and necessary data can be extracted. The extracted data may be applied to the RPA(Robotic process automation) software.


Detects and de-identification of sensitive information such as personal information in the image. The extracted data may be applied to the DLP(Data Loss Prevention) software.


It is used to build or analyze big data by recognizing real-scene images used in business environments and daily life.




It is used to extracting data from transmitted and received fax images.




OCR Process



  • CPU: 3.0Ghz higher, 8 core 16 threads recommended
  • Memory: 32GB recommended
  • GPU: 11GB or higher NVIDIA CUDA support (3090, 2080TI, 1080TI) or higher recommended
Supported OS
  • Linux 64bit(Ubuntu20.04,18.04,16.04), ORACLE Linux 7.6, CentOS 7.6)
  • Windows 2019 Server 64bit, Windows 10 64bit
  • Linux: C++ (g++ 4+), JAVA8
  • Windows : C++ (VC2015~VC2019), JAVA8
  • Rest API
  • FormMaker : Windows 10 Support
  • OCR to PDF : Windows, Linux Support
Supported Formats
  • Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF (The first frame)
  • Multipage TIFF
  • PDF
Recognizable characters
  • Korean, English, Numbers, Chinese Characters used in Korea, Punctuation Marks in ASCII
Synap OCR Lite vs Synap OCR Pro

Synap OCR Lite Synap OCR Pro
Image OCR O O
Image Character position based rotation correction O O
Regular Expression-Based Masking O O
Template recognition and classification X O
Key Value Pair (KVP) request X O
Provide Template tool based on GUI
Table detection and recognition X O
Extract the value of a checkmark on an form X O
Recognizes large image X O
Conversion and merge of PDF format X O

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