Create forms easier and faster with the power of generative AI

With the reliability and convenience proven by Korea’s No. 1 portal for over a decade, Synap Form is the perfect solution for your business.

Not only can you create questions based on various templates, but you can also analyze the results after execution and use the
An easy and fast online form authoring solution with statistics management.

Unlock your productivity with various forms with just a few clicks

Key Features

Optimized for creating survey forms and operating with ease

Provides wide range of question and response types and templates suited to your needs

Detailed response settings options, including response period, first-come, first-served, quiz mode, etc.

Provide visualized summary results, including graphs and pie charts

Unmatched capabilities to unleash productivity

Integrated with generative AI to create first draft questions and many more

Industry’s only tabular templates

Seamless integration with various enterprise systems

✔ Proven ease of use on the #1 portal in the country

Validated by NAVER Forms so anyone can use it easily

Optimize for Korean users with a localized solution

Easy and intuitive to use, regardless of IT understanding

Easy to create! Efficient survey execution! Visualized statistical analyses!


Design and edit questions with ease

Provide default templates for each type
Add more items and question types
Preview the compose page
More response settings options, including preventing duplicate responses


Automatically generate AI-powered content

Automatically create and edit questions by topic

Various external sharing features

Share as a URL link, QR code
Share via email, social media
Provide an embedded (iframe) link to a webpage

Intuitive results analysis

Summary of visualized results (provides various statistical charts)
View response rates by time of day
Provide tools for editing the resulting data (synap cells)
Download the resulting data (xlsx, csv file)


Add-ons for effective operations

Real-time notifications for messengers and more (webhook support)
Select who to respond to (whitelist)
Editing and modifying themes (CSS provided)

Support for various environments

Support for mobile experiences
Support for integration with corporate mail/groupware




Customer/Civil Services

Collaboration Support Systems

Customers enjoying the powerful performance and simplicity of Synap Form

Unlock your productivity with Synap Form

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