No.1 Text Extraction Solution

Synap Document Filter is Korea’s No.1 text extraction solution, verified by various customers such as large portals regarding security, search and mail. Try using Synap Document Filter that extracts text from document files to suit your solution.

Detection of 400+ formats &    Filtering for 50+ Formats

Detection of 400+ formats & Filtering for 50+ Formats

Supporting various user environments

Supporting various user environments

High compatibility

High compatibility


Filtering Speed


Market Share




Detection of Files


Filtering for Files

MS Word

MS PowerPoint

MS Excel












Compressed file


Ichitaro (jtd)



Other supported formats

MHT, CHM, EML, MIME, MP3 tag, Rich Text Format(RTF),  Microsoft Document Imaging(MDI), Microsoft Outlook Message(MSG), 
WordPerfect(WPD) 4.x~13.x, Unicode Text File (UCS-2, UCS-4, UTF-8, big-endian, little-endian), ZIP(TAR, 7ZIP, ALZ)

Key Features


Variety of Features

Variety of Features

  • Automatic detection of compressed files and character set codes
  • Multilingual encoding, OLE object filtering,Extraction of document attribute information, extraction of images from documents
Fast and Stable

Fast and Stable

  • Rapid speed with average of 23MB/sec
  • Supports large file filtering (64bit)
  • Stability proven in huge systems
Various User Environments

Various User Environments

Windows, Linux, HP-UX,
Oracle Solaris, AIX support 32bit, 64bit

Various Interfaces

Various Interfaces

Support for various program interfaces:
C/C++, Java, Python, Microsoft ifilter, C#

Area of Application


Privacy Protection Solution

Privacy Protection Solution

Extraction of documents with privacy information and application of document filter to confirm whether such information is included

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Application of document filter to monitor and prevent leakage of information transferred to the outside

Search Solution

Search Solution

Identification of a document file to make an index DB or use for text preview function



Use to search emails, text and attached and archived files, and to block spam

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Public Sector

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