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Document work anytime, anywhere

Synap Office is a cloud-based web office serviced by Naver Office. You can create and edit documents in various formats such as MS Office, etc. from a web browser without installing an application. Experience document work anytime, anywhere.

“Cloud offices to create, view, and edit documents on the Web”

– Compatible with MS Word
– Save doc, docx, hml formats
– Maintains table layout and enables table editing
– Support for fonts, paragraph formatting, and headings/ footnotes in different styles.
– Allows editing of password-set documents
-Compatible with MS PowerPoint
-Screen change, object animation support
-Slide template setting and management
-140+ shapes, object editing
-Insert image, shape, memo, text
-Password-set documents can be edited

-Compatible with MS Excel
-1 million cells data processing
-Rich Text editing support
-Chart, filter, personal filter support
-150+ functions supported
-Support for adding / duplicating / deleting sheets
-Editing of password-set documents

-Easy questionnaire creation using templates
-Free item addition and type selection
-Quickly and easily share surveys by URL, e-mail, and blog
-View summary in response result graph
-Use response data in conjunction with Synap cell

Key Features

Create a truly collaborative environment

Create a truly collaborative environment

Real-time, simultaneous editing of multiple users
Seamless communication using comments
Save all changes
Easy and fast interworking

Easy and fast interworking

Private/public cloud interworking
Link existing business systems such as groupware, ECM, etc.
Excellent document compatibility

Excellent document compatibility

Supports MS Office
Page layout, table, picture,
Shape, chart representation
Consistent User Experience

Consistent User Experience

Supports mobile environments


Easy and efficient smart work implementation
Create a truly collaborative environment with no time and space constraints
Reduce costs
Increased productivity
Get the right Web office for your system.




Proven scalability and reliability at 10 million+ user-enabled Naver offices
Contributing to the improvement of work productivity by linking the system of the KCC Group’s Seoul headquarters and regional offices
Provide a free document work environment by applying to various ICT service platforms provided by Duzon Bizon

With Synap Office, my office is where I am now

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