The First Editor with Document Import Server

No more Copy & Paste

It’s Import

Without installing any applications or plugins, you can edit original files like MS Word, Excel, ODT files in HTML.
When the original document are reborn as HTML, you can save your time and get quality contents with ease. Can other editors do that? Nope!

Import is an innovative, unique, and stand-alone function in the world.

Reuse original document


Without installing any applications or plugins, you can take the specific part of original documents and edit it in HTML. You can create quality content with ease.

Editor with Spreadsheet

Create formula

Create a formula that refers to values in other cells by using 300+ functions like a spreadsheet.

Powerful table editing

Powerful table editing

– Convenient editing, just like Word
– Excel formula input UI
– Application of latest table UI
– Various table styles
– Specify cell format

Convenient Document Editing

Convenient Document Editing

– Selection Import
– Powerful bullet editing
– Layer editing
– Object Send to back/bring to front
Improvement of User Convenience

Improvement of User Convenience

– Document template provided
– Emojis and special symbols
– Dark theme, color icon provided
– Ruler provided
Security functions enhancement

Security functions enhancement

– Blocking of XSS attacks
– Extraction of personal information in the text
– Limited use of iframe, script
Compliance with web standards

Compliance with web standards

– HTML5-based
– Non-ActiveX
– Web accessibility check
Various user environments supported

Various user environments supported

– Cross browsing supported
– Mobile Environment Supported
– Various OS environments supported

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