Paths of Synapsoft

Established at the advent of the new millennium in 2000, Synapsoft began with the ambitious aim to produce quality software and enter the global market. Since then, Synapsoft continues to develop and innovate technologies that process office document formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF. Now Synapsoft is making a further breakthrough in the area of AI Digital Document and SaaS environment,
by helping customers unlock productivity with the power of the latest generative AI technology.


Synap Editor upgrades with added GenAI and OCR plug-ins

Availability of Key-Value Trainer (KVT) in Synap OCR Pro 

Nomination of “SaaS Development Company” for SaaS Development and Validation for Public Sector Use (Public SaaS Track) by MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT)

         Designation of Advanced Technology Center (ATC+) by MOTIE (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

         Launch of Synap Form 

         Synap Document Viewer Updates integrating TTS (Text-to-sound) feature

         Synap Editor deployed to Nexon Korea 

         Launch of Synap Office (exp. Q3)


DocsLIVE supplied to Japan-based organization

Launch of Synap OCR Pro

Synap PDFocus deployed to e-contract service at Hana TI

          Synap Document Viewer supplied to Hyundai Motor Securities


Synap Document Viewer 2022 achieves GS Certification Level 1

Launch of Synap Document Viewer 2022 

Wins the Grand Prize of the Hackathon in developing AI Image Diagnosis leveraging medical data

          Launch of DocsLIVE webinar platform

          Launch of Label Camp 

          Wins the Grand Prize at the 2021 Korea E-Document Innovation Awards


 Launch of Synap Document Viewer for G Suite

 Synap PDFocus launched

 Launch of Synap OCR 

           Synap Document Viewer delivered to China’s IoT solution company

           Synap Editor delivered to Singapore’s consulting company


Synap Document Viewer 2019 deployed to the POSCO Enterprise ECM system

Acquired DeepFlake Intelligent CCTV solution performance test Certification

Synap Document Viewer 2019 implemented to the web page of Korean National Police Agency

Synap Document Viewer 2019 achieves GS Certification

Synap Editor wins the 2019 Korea Software Awards

Synap Editor V2.0 achieves GS Certification


Synapsoft wins the 2018 E-Document Grand Award

Launch of Synap Document Viewer 2019, Synap Editor v2.0 

Synap Document Viewer implemented to the web pages of Statistics Korea

Launch of Synap Document Viewer for Android App 

Received Award of Excellence for Korean Software Industry Competitiveness


Acquired AWS Partner Network Technology Partner Standard

Synap Cloud Office Platform 2018 achieves GS Certification

Direct Viewing deployed to 4,600+ official websites in schools across the nation

Document Viewer implemented to 41 homepages of Japanese governmental departments and local governments

Synap Document Viewer implemented to a U.S.-based mobile solutions company

Direct View applied to the 19th presidential election manifesto website of the National Election Commission


Synap Document Viewer implemented to 600 websites of elementary/middle/high schools in Seoul

Synap Document Viewer delivered to Japan’s Qualitia e-mail solution provider

Synap Editor achieves GS certification Level 1

Synap Document Viewer applied to the homepage of the National Tax Service

Synap Document Viewer applied to the public data portal (


Newly launched Synap Document Viewer 2016 achieves GS certification 

Launch of Synap Document Viewer 2016 

Synap Document Viewer supplied to 150 major local governments across the nation


Synap Editor Live v1.0 achieves GS Certification 

Synap Office supplied to Halla Group, KCC

Preview service for electronic approval documents applied to the Information Communication Plaza of Seoul City homepage


Synap Document Filter was advanced and sold in the Japanese market

Naver Office service opened

Synap HTML converter 2013 launched

ALTools – ALShopping service launched

Synap HTML converter 2011 was introduced to the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Received New Software Grand Award for Synap HTML Converter 2011

Acquired GS certification for Synap HTML Converter 2011

Synap Viewer Arae A Hangeul Edition v1.0 Android App launched

Certificate issue system and trading certificate issue system of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Synap Brief v2.0 launched

Developed and contracted “XML Editor and Conversion SW”

Developed and supplied Eduwill Book Original Text Conversion SW (OCR)

Synap Brief v1.0 launched

Synap Next v2.0 Document Filter launched

Registered Synap Next v1.7 program

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