Safe and Easy Document Viewing

You can view attached files such as MS Office, ODT, PDF, and images directly in a browser without any download through Synap Document Viewer 2019. It provides a safe and convenient document preview experience because it can be used anywhere there are documents.

Various environments

Various environments

Enhanced of document security

Enhanced of document security

Stable Service

Stable Service




Central administration


Customer Company

Business Sector
Enhancement of security

Enhancement of security

Enhancement of security
through documents sanitization and watermark
Improvement of work productivity

Improvement of work productivity

Increase work efficiency through convenient document reading and sharing
Realization of smart work

Realization of smart work

Realization of smart work with a viewer optimized for mobile environment
Public Sector
Improved access to information

Improved access to information

IT disadvantaged group also can check documents
with just one click anytime, anywhere.
Improvement of web accessibility

Improvement of web accessibility

Anybody can easily access information
through various web browsers
Performance boost enhancement

Performance boost enhancement

Promptly communicate project achievements and major policies to the public

Differentiation Features

No Download, No License

Secure and convenient viewing without downloading documents and installing formatting-specific applications

Easy annotation

Build a smart collaboration environment by easily sharing opinions with annotations such as adding notes

Key Features

Supports various document formats

MS Office 97~2019
HWP 3.x~2020
PDF, txt, ODT
Image, TIFF

Enhanced Document Security

Documents Sanitization
Encrypt Convert file
URL Access Restriction

Stable service



Clustering support
Dynamic loading
Fast conversion speed

Support for various environments

Cross browsing
Mobile environment
Window, Linux, Unix server support
    • Windows Server: 2008 and above
    • Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10
    • Linux : RedHat (Enterprise, Fedora), Ubuntu, CentOS (Kernel 2.6 and above)
    • HP-UX (11 and above), Oracle Solaris (5.0 and above), IBM AIX (5.3 and above)
    • Chrome (12 and above), IE (9 and above), Edge, Safari, Firefox (3.6 and above)
    • Android (4.0 and above), iOS (7.0 and above)
    • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 97~2019
    • Image (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF)
The most used document viewer in Korea
Portal & Company One-click that everyone has already experienced!
Public institutions #1 overwhelming adoption rate
 Schools & Educational institutions For parents, students and teachers alike
Many Others

Secure & simple one-click viewing is worth a thousand downloads

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